Chuck again to watch for new episode, season 4 episode 6 (s04e06) titled Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror. Sure you want to immediately know the main storyline, something like what? Can you guess? If not, then you have never read the synopsis for Chuck s04e06 “Chuck Versus the aisle of Terror,” right? And you’ve come to the right site, where you will be able to read it here. Before that, please know the air date of this upcoming episode, which probably will fall on October 25, 2010 at 8:00pm night time. Hope you could enjoy this great episode, coz it looks like then.

And here we go to its first synopsis and spoilers. Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan are forwarded to a mission to stop Dr. Stanley Wheelright from letting go of a toxin that causes incubi. The mission makes Team Bartowski suspicious of where Chuck’s Mom’s allegiances lie. Jeff and Lester attain Halloween contrives for the Buy More while Ellie and Awesome get a visit from Awesome’s mamma. Main stars as Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, John Casey, Morgan Grimes, Ellie Bartowski, and Devon and it looks like Linda Hamilton and Robert Englund as the guest stars.

Watch Chuck s04e06 season 4 episode 6 Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror online stream zshare, download, or megavideo link below. Available seems after airdate on NBC. Good luck.