NCIS season 8 episode 6 or s08e06 title Cracked featured two main stars, Abby and DiNozzo which will appear as 2 main star this time. You will soon see their action, and of course in solving different cases. A synopsis has been released recently, and hopefully have contains spoilers of story information in this summary. Very simple, so the story of NCIS Cracked s08e06 which will go air date on CBS, October 26, 2010 regular at 8:00pm night time will be like it. Delving into the mind of a brilliant Naval Scientist, Abby goes fixated on solving her murder, as DiNozzo’s latest fling goes to an interesting Halloween.

Yeah, I have two version of the synopsis, so I would emphasize once again in this second paragraph. Abby gets too fixated to clearing the murder of a Naval Scientist, whilst the rest of the squad worries about her. In the meantime, Tony’s newest fling gets trouble. Name Tony Wharmby may have familiar you know and he was very famous, and hopefully you like the way the story of the episode this time, because he’s as its director. In the meantime, Nicole Mirante-Matthews as the screenwriter of this episode. Watch video preview below, since it has been released recently.

And lastly, here we go to watch NCIS Cracked s08e06 (season 8 episode 6)online stream full episode video. Be available to watch full length or download zshare or megavideo after airdate above.