Merlin s03e08 The Eye of the Phoenix or season 3 episode 8 is ready for you immediately watch this week starting Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 7:30 pm. Anyway, you already know the plot? And apparently not. Therefore I present here to provide important information about this latest episode. Arthur embarks solo on a quest to show himself worthy of the Camelot throne by calling back the Golden Trident from the Fisher King. With the Prince beyond the protection of the citadel, Morgana acquires the chance to use her dark magic. She affords him a precious bracelet that contains a Phoenix Eye, insisting that he wears it in the least times for protective covering.

Alright, still not finished, and the following is a bit of the story continued. However, the magical jewel takes away Arthur’s life force and he’s left defenceless in the Fisher King’s dangerous region. With the assist of Gwaine, will Merlin be able to reach Arthur eventually and accomplish his own quest to protect the future king of Camelot? Yes, always full of mystery and that is the uniqueness of each new episode of Merlin. Make sure you also do not miss to watch a promo video below.

Okay, at last you can watch Merlin The Eye of the Phoenix s03e08 (season 3 episode 8) online stream video just via the URL below. Available after has been aired first on BBC-1 UK, October 30, 2010 at 7:30pm night time (download, zshare, or megavideo).