AMC’s new TV show from that will soon be aired for this Sunday, The Walking Dead season 1 episode 1 Days Gone Bye. Yes, a fresh new look that will make the television world more lively and fun. On this occasion, I have gained a little information about the synopsis and trailer for episode 1 The Walking Dead. Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens in the hospital after having been shot whilst on-duty and attains that while he was in the hospital, something has occurred which causes the bodies of the dead to reanimate and aggress the living. Very terrible is not it?

The town he slept in is mostly desolated, with many dead casting the streets at night. Believing that his married woman, Lori, and son, Carl, have most probable took flight to safety in near capital of Georgia, he grabs a stock of weapons from the storage locker of his police headquarters, and sets out to ascertain them. Yes, of course a very terrible experience is not it? And of course the guts sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes deserves thumbs up because he dared to be in a very scary place. I can not even imagine the situation when it comes to actually happen. Catch out firstly the video trailer below.

Since this is the first article of this website, so If you want to watch The Walking Dead episode 1 Days Gone Bye online stream, just follow the URL below. Video will available after has been aired first on AMC, October 31, 2010 at 10:00pm. (zshare, megavideo, or download). Then we can not wait to watch it soon what will happen next.