The Mentalist for this week episode, s03e07 Red Hot, yeah the season 3 episode 7 with the simple title I think. This time, the focus story will be on a building that explodes. Jane and the CBI squad narrowly break loose a fiery end once a building explodes while they are investigating a death threat. In the meantime, sparks fly between Lisbon and billionaire Walter Mashburn once they meet again while on the case. Very simple is not it? But I think this episode will look very attractive at all and I’m sure you can not wait to watch it immediately.

For the first time, please you the fans of The Mentalist, don’t forget to watch s03e07 Red Hot stream directly once CBS TV channel getting air date of it on November 04, 2010 at 10:00pm night time. Alright, now we read once more about the detailed and completed summary and spoilers storyline or plot here. A building explodes as Jane and the CBI squad are inside looking into a death threat. Lisbon meets up once again with billionaire Walter Mashburn and sparks fly. Surely it happened so fast and so terrible I think, how they break away from the explosion? And it will soon no longer you watch.

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