Saints and Sinners party soon on Gossip Girl season 4 episode 9 (409) “The Witches of Bushwick.” There is unique thing done by young Chuck which he hosts a Saints and Sinners masquerade party. And the Empire Hotel is the place will be held this event. For this time, Ron Fortunato together with Sara Goodman as the crew behind the Gossip Girl 409 “The Witches of Bushwick.” For you know, the first name as the director while the second name as the writer. This promising episode will be able to watch stream begin on November 15, 2010 at 9:00pm night time.

Instead you continue to wonder about the story, do not need to be complicated, here is a summary and spoilers that have been released so far. Chuck hosts a “Saints and Sinners” masquerade costume party at the Empire Hotel. At the party, Dan and Nate do not know what to make of Serena’s unusual behavior and mixed messages. Blair sets her sights on getting the new face of Anne Archibald’s foundation for girls, but Anne is touched that Blair’s friendly relationship with Chuck Bass mayhap questionable. Before you get ready to its full episode video, it’s better for you to first watch a preview clip below.

And here we go then, as I promise in this title, you could watch Gossip Girl 409 ( season 4 episode 9 ) The Witches of Bushwick online stream full length episode video. Follow the URL below and it available after airdate of course on The CW original showtimes. Video be watched via zshare or megavideo or download it.