Long time have not been posting about Chuck, and this time is a good time to go back to talk about season 4 episode 8 (s04e08) Chuck Versus The Fear of Death. Will the title will turn into reality? And apparently not playing game, this episode will offer a very serious storyline and quite decisive for the survival of Chuck Bartowski. Afraid that his latest setback is getting a squeeze between him and Sarah, Chuck adjudicates to prove himself by coming about a life-threatening mission with the eager Agent Rye. Chuck s04e08 “Chuck Versus The Fear of Death” getting airdate begin on November 15, 2010 at 8:00pm night time.

In the meantime, Morgan and Casey clamber as the “Buy Morons” try to bring out truth identity of Greta. Once more time, Chuck designs to impress by trying a dangerous mission in the meantime Casey and Morgan effort to protect Jeff and Lester from the truth once they snoop around to ascertain Greta’s personal identity. Yes, it looks like Chuck would come back to rediscover his work area, where he was a good actor to act like this, in the dangerous field and also the comedy field. Chuck is very clever in entertain everybody to laught of loud. Get to watch a video trailer below.

Through the URL address below, you can watch Chuck s04e08 ( season 4 episode 8 ) Chuck Versus The Fear of Death online stream full episode video. Available after airdate and you can watch through zshare, megavideo, or even download it.