The Simpsons s22e08 The Fight Before Christmas is also popular with season 22 episode 8. But, did you already know what’s the main plot of it? Oh yeah, this is very interesting dude and at least that I know, The Simpsons s22e08 will be starred by two additional guest stars as Martha Stewart and Katy Perry. So, please read this summary and spoilers carefully. Marge gets a night visit from the brawniest force in the universe, Martha Claus (Martha Stewart), who teaches her truth meaning of Christmas Day. In a different section, the Simpsons (as puppets) get set up to go to Hawaii Island, but mister Burns and Moe’s new girl, Katy Perry delay the travel. The episode will also feature 2 other sections.

Yes, I think they are very funny, and of course you will be very amused by this latest episode. Please note that actually, you can watch The Simpsons s22e08 The Fight Before Christmas full stream episode video directly as FOX distributor has dated it to broadcast on December 05, 2010 at 8:00pm night time. So, you can arrange and manage yourself time to watch it through FOX. In the meantime, there was no video preview or trailer for this upcoming episode that has been spreading on Youtube.

At this time, you can really watch The Simpsons s22e08 ( season 22 episode 8 )The Fight Before Christmas online stream full video through the address given below. However, it goes available soon a few hours after original airdate via megavideo, zshare or download.