This is the season 5 finale of Dexter titled as The Big One. For you know, this Dexter s05e12 ( season 5 episode 12 ) will be presenting a very powerful storyline, where you will feel this episode would take place with very exciting. After that, of course we will face the presence of Dexter season 6. Yes, just calm down, it looks like Dexter Season 6 will be announced more about its premiere schedule. Alright, now we must focus to Dexter s05e12 The Big One as the season finale. Airs date soon on Showtime channel, December 12, 2010 at 9:00pm to watch streaming.

Okay, now let’s catch out the main storyline (summary and spoilers) from this finale episode. In the last season 5 episode, Dexter’s state of affairs gets desperate once he attains that Lumen’s been set up. In spite of knowing he’s being ragged into a trap, Dexter dangers everything to make sure he does not fall under the same mistake once again. In the Barrel Girls case, Debra lets her personal feels guide her instincts once she reasons out that vigilantes are more than just a hypothesis. Quinn ascertains himself in a difficult situation, which only Dexter could assist him out of.

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