The Simpsons s22e09 got the title as Donnie Fatso. Although the new year has not yet lasted, but it was planned to happen like this by The Simpsons in this latest episode. Homer passes New Year’s Eve in the capital of Illinois Penitentiary after getting arrested greasing one’s palms an official. An Federal Bureau of Investigation detective offers to reduce his jail time if Homer accords to go underground as an witness to look into Fat Tony. I think the story is very funny at all and you will definitely watch it captivated.

Alright, then once Homer contrives a special bond with Fat Tony and his family, he goes contravened between his responsibility to the government and his dedication to his new family. After an unexpected turn, Fat Tony’s cousin Fit Tony attempts to settle a score with Homer, but ends up teaching him an important moral. I also informed that The Simpsons s22e09 Donnie Fatso will be starred by at least 2 guest stars, Jon Hamm and Joe Mantegna. Unfortunately, no video preview or promo for now.

what are your plans for the New Year’s Eve? Surely not to occur as experienced by Homer, just kidding. At last, watch The Simpsons s22e09 Donnie Fatso full length online video below. Available through zshare, megavideo, or download after airdate on FOX, December 12, 2010 at 8:00pm night time.