The war will keep going on Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e12 Nightsisters as the new episode that will air in this new year 2011. Well, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is always the great TV show that you all fans must watch each its episode weekly. The time to start again to broadcast this new episode, starting on January 07, 2011 Cartoon Network TV channel at 9:00pm night time. Here are some names of main players in this series. Catherine Taber, Matt Lanter, Ashley Eckstein, Tom Kane, Matthew Wood, Dee Bradley Baker, Nika Futterman, Tom Kenny, Greg Ellis, James Arnold Taylor, Anthony Daniels, T.C. Carson, and Ian Abercrombie.

Well, now we must focus about Nightsisters on Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e12. Here’s the complete spoilers and summary that released on the world wide web so far. Dooku contrives to do away with his own apprentice Asajj Ventress, and reciprocally she wants revenge on Dooku. The Nightsisters were a group of Dathomiri beldames who used the dark side of the strength. Although they used the dark side, their forces and abilities were quite different from the Sith Lords, which had confusion amongst Jedi scholars as to who or what they actually were. Watch the video teaser sneak peek below.

Well, watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e12 Nightsisters online full episode video below. Available soon after original airdate via zshare, megavideo, download, or others media.