Great teen TV series, 90210 season 3 episode 13 (s03e13) has been entitled as It’s Getting Hot in Here. What’s the point? And the story can certainly be talking about road trip and they will do yoga retreat. Very interesting is not it? Naomi, Silver, Adrianna, and Annie come on a road trip to Ojai for a girls’ weekend at a yoga retreat. Annie calls for her cousin Emily, but finishes up facing up her about being a downer on the trip. After advisedly neglecting to wake Annie up for a session in the sweat accommodate, Emily attempts to turn the other girls versus Annie.

Then, Naomi, who in the beginning was not activated about the trip, determines to extend her stay. Silver butts against Navid and the two have a secret hook-up. Once Adrianna comebacks home after the road trip, she calls a yellow journalism to sell an exclusive story. In the meantime, Debbie contrives a romantic dinner for Ryan, but their contrives are smashed once Dixon interrupts them, leaving Ryan looking for a place to hide. Charlie starts to actualize that Annie has feels for Liam. Liz Friedlander together with David S. Rosenthal are the director and script writer who responsible for the rating of this upcoming episode. Enjoy a cool promo video below.

Watch 90210 s03e13 It’s Getting Hot in Here online full video below. However, the video will be available soon a few hours after the original (January 31, 2011) airdate via zshare, megavideo, download, or others.