February 14, 2011 at 8:00pm night time is the right time to begin watch House MD season 7 episode 12 (s07e12) You Must Remember This. The latest episode of House that will feature a new storyline, fresh, and worthy of your watch. Main cast of this episode including Dr. Gregory House, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dr. Eric Foreman, Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Allison Cameron, Robert Chase, Remy Hadley / Thirteen, Chris Taub, and Lawrence Kutner. This upcoming episode is nearing the season 7 finale by the way. Masters attempts to mend the rift between a patient with perfect memory and her sister, once the patient’s grudge endangers her treatment.

In the meantime, House efforts to assist Wilson get a date but attains that his friend already has somebody, and Foreman offers up to assist Taub study for an future health check. Now I bring the information from Wikipedia. “You Must Remember This” is the 12th episode of the 7th season of the American medical drama House. It will air on Saint Valentine’s Day, 2011. A woman with an exceeding memory experiences impermanent palsy, and a visit from her sister activates more wellness complications; Foreman aids Taub prepare for an examination; House attains Wilson’s new secret companion. Watch a video preview below.

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