Glee season 2 episode 13 or s02e13 titled as Comeback. Who’s comeback? And how the story goes? Let’s check this out today. Sue acquires musical once she begins a tribute band. In the meantime, Rachel would like to advance her social rank and gets assist from an interesting author once Brittany concerns her rescue. Yes, that’s the complete and real summary andspoilers storyline I got so far. Glee s02e13 Comeback will be aired soon on February 15, 2011 FOX TV channel at 8:00pm night time. So, make sure everything will go for you to be able to watch it on time.

One more time about the synopsis and spoilers. Rachel efforts to establish a get back into the McKinley High social stratosphere with a little assist from Brittany. Meantime, Sam begins a tribute band. We catch out at least there will be at least two guest stars as Ashley Fink and Max Adler. Now we changed. We put the banner below titled “Watch or Download Now.” But please be advised all the video of Glee s02e13 Comeback will be available soon after the original airdate. Meanwhile, it’s your time to take a look to a wonderful video promo below.