V season 2 episode 6 (s02e06) Siege. John Behring listed as the director this time while Dean Widenmann as the screenwriter. Here’s the synopsis and spoilers storyline that got today. Anna, angry at the increasing temerity of the Fifth Column aggresses, musters in Ryan in an effort to cancel out the Fifth Column in one fell swoop. In the meantime, Father Travis, following Vatican orders, calls for Jack to allow for the church, and Lisa encounters Diana, her grandma who Anna said was dead first. February 15, 2011 as the original airdate to watch V s02e06 Siege full stream episode video.

One another summary from different source that may can also help you. Anna is angered at the courageous, arrogant and boldness manoeuvres of the Fifth Column. She determines to apply Ryan to get rid the Fifth Column conclusively. Under orders, Father Travis assures Jack he must allow the priesthood. Lisa, who’s under the impression her grandmother is dead, assembles with Diana. At the last, you could enjoy the promo video below. And we will soon see, what will soon happen with the Fifth Column because Anna was not like it.

Watch or download V Siege s02e06 online stream video below. However, the video be available not long a few hours after the original airdate (ABC channel) through probably zshare, megavideo, or others.