The Bikini in the Soup, the title was very funny. That will be aired on Bones season 6 episode 14 (s06e14) on February 17, 2011 at 9:00pm night time. Valentine Day brings its own try to the squad in different ways. Cam invites a timely determination to the current case, a wedding deviser whose bronzing bed contains her liquefied remains, so she could attain her Valentine’s date. Hodgins, in the meantime, efforts to make a whole day of love affair for Angela with mixed results. Brennan and Booth, meanwhile, try to downplay its grandness.

Again about the summary and synopsis of Bones s06e14 The Bikini in the Soup. The melted remains of a wedding planner are ascertained in her home tanning bed on February 14, and Cam blackjacks her squad to figure out the case in time so she could celebrate the holiday with her young man. While the “squints” works inexhaustibly in the research lab, Booth and Brennan question a slew of conceivable distrusts till they unlock classified files in the victim’s computer, which lead to their main defendant. In the meantime, Booth and Brennan minimise the significance of Valentine’s Day, and Hodgins attempts to contrive a romantic day for Angela, but “squint” Clark aids him actualize that the most significant gifts come from the heart.

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