Hellcats episode 16 titled as Fancy Dan. The episode has been directed by John Dahl while Anne Kennedy as the screenwriter. Popular main cast known as Ashley Tisdale, Alyson Michalka, Matt Barr, Robbie Jones, and Heather Hemmens. In the meantime, three additional guest stars are Sonja Bennett, Ryan Kennedy, and John Reardon. Hellcats episode 16 Fancy Dan will story related to Jimmy’s wedding. Certainly the lives of everyone affected by the past time, especially if have had dating experiences and there was less good.

And check this out the summary and spoilers storyline. Because of their bad past, Marti and Savannah are anxious about seeing Dan at Jimmy’s wedding. They’re stormed, however, once they ascertain Dan with a new girlfriend. Derrick and Vanessa face up the hardest decisiveness of their kinship, and Alice goes to ascertain Jake in jail. Once more time. At Jimmy’s marriage ceremony, Marti and Savannah are very nervous about seeing Dan, given their comfortless past, but they are certain an uneasy surprise once he comes out to the wedding with his new girl.

Vanessa and Derrick present the most ruffianly conclusion of their kinship. Alice visits Jake in jail. Watch or download Hellcats Episode 16 Fancy Dan online stream video below. However, the video gonna available soon after the original airdate on February 22, 2011 CW Network at 9:00pm night time through zshare, megavideo, or others.