This time the team from The Mentalist season 3 episode 16 (s03e16) will focus on murder case that happened to a museum of antiques dealers. Yes, of course this is a case of murder that must be investigated thoroughly for this episode so can be finished properly. Red Queen is the title given to this episode and Chris Long as the main director that has been choosen by all crew. Daniel Cirone as the plot’s writer. Alright, to be remember that The Mentalist s03e16 airs date begin on February 24, 2011 at 10:00pm night time.

Okay, released today the summary and spoilers for this episode. Now is our time to find out what will happen soon. The CBI squad is under distrust once a museum antiques dealer is dead. Evidence looks to suggest that one member of the squad is responsible. Wow, this episode will definitely look very exciting and very promising. Therefore, you are all obliged to watch it on time. Is it possible case of the allegation proven? We’ll see for the truth. Maybe this case is very complicated at all to be traced, but the right way, hopefully the murder can be revealed with the good. Try to watch a video promo below.

Watch or download The Mentalist s03e16 Red Queen online stream video below. Be available soon a few hours after the original airdate on CBS through zshare, megavideo, or others.