The Simpsons season 22 episode 15 (s22e15) titled as The Scorpion Tale. What will happen in this brand new series? We’ll see soon. After abroad trip to the desert, Lisa attains that the desert water enigmatically makes commonly combative creatures come along, so she adds some of the water home as a souvenir. Once Grampa draws in with the family after getting booted out of the retreat home, Homer in secret essays the desert water on Grampa, who’s at once cured of his grumpiness. Very funny and I think you will definitely love it.

Then, what next? Relax, it’s still unfinished. A pharmaceutical representative discovers of Homer’s breakthrough and speedily adjudicates to replicate the water into a dose, using Grampa as the primary Cavia cobaya. But once the pills come in the wrong hands and are sold on the illegal, unforeseen side effects of the new dose take an impressive toll on the elderly citizens of Springfield, and the Simpsons ascertain that their new medical cure goes with major aftermaths. Yes, the story is very funny and I guess you really like it. For that, do not miss the show on FOX starting March 06, 2011 at 8 pm.

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