House MD season 7 episode 15 (s07e15) titled as Bombshells. The great episode as the synopsis and spoilers called that this next installment will have new high tension. The long plot has been released to public recently so we can know more about it. Tension gains new heights as Cuddy boldnesses sobering news that propels her to reassess her anteriorities. While House is carked by his concern for Cuddy’s upbeat, the squad treats a young patient whose worsening symptoms and suspicious body scrapes indicate more than just physical sickness.

Perception the young troubled emotional and psychological state, Taub addresses the patient’s personal life for hints and reveals disturbing home videos that could put the lives of his matches in risk. In the meantime, Cuddy remains wishful that House will be fully acquaint once she needs him most, and a series of ambitions, letting in a musical scene choreographed by Mia Michaels, provide glances into her life and her human relationship with House. 2 paths combined story between House relationship with Cuddy and also how do they handle the latest case this time. For your information, this upcoming episode directed by Greg Yaitanes.

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