Have missed this latest series, The Borgias Episode 1 The Poisoned Chalice? It should you watch for free live online streaming on Showtime TV channel, April 03, 2011 at 9 night PM. But for some reason, probably forgot or did not have time. From now, do not worry anymore, because you will be able to watch for full episode video in the bottom of this post. But before that, relax, you must read the following synopsis here.

Synpsis: Rodrigo Borgia bullies and bribes his way into an election as the new Pope Alexander VI and then wastes no time consolidating ability by bringing up his sons into high office and his daughter into a politically impelled wedding.

In the meantime, alongside the full video, there’s also a video trailer / promo or preview below you can watch too. It has brought from Youtube and get the title as The Borgias Episode 1 “The Poisoned Chalice.” Step by step to watch full episode, first is reading the synopsis or spoilers, then watch a promoted or preview video then soon watch for full length episode video.

Enjoy watch the video below, it’s Megavideo / zShare for The Borgias Episode 1 The Poisoned Chalice. Hope you will watch streaming until the end.