A good day for you to start watching The Simpsons s22e18 The Great Simpsina Season 22 Episode 18 for full episode. If I am not mistaken, this latest episode will be aired on the right time this Sunday night at 8 PM (April 10, 2011). Of course you do not want to miss it, right? It was the first opportunity for you, is there a second chance? Of course yes. For the first time, you need to read the summary information for it.

The family is recognized by troubadour Ewell Freestone (guest voice McBrayer) once they visit a peach farm, but once Marge goes overboard with peach-invigorated dishes, Lisa and Bart attempt to do away with the unwanted yield. Later, Lisa goes a magician’s prentice to the legendary Great Raymondo (guest voice Landau) who aids her acquire her craft, but a schoolgirl crush clouds her judgment once she’s blarneyed into revealing the Great Raymondo’s most notable conjuring trick to his phony archnemesis.

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