Let me give you some important information about the Victorious s02e03, entitled “Ice Cream for Kesha.” Did you know her? If not, you would probably be a little surprised because she is a beautiful young woman. Her role in this latest episode is actually an additional role. Her real name is Kesha Rose Sebert. Ke$ha (Kesha) was born on March 1, 1987 to a single mother Pebe Sebert, a vocalist/songwriter, who pleased her to sing and educated her how to compose a song. At the age of 17, her family was sported on Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s “The Simple Life” and through then, Ke$ha had been working at her music.

Before you watch Victorious s02e03 Ice Cream for Kesha, it’s okay if first you read the complete summary and spoilers here. Tori will have to be Trina’s helper for one month if she does not piece conjointly Ke$ha name from letters at he bottom of ice cream containers, with the succeeder who ascertains all the letters to Ke$ha’s name 1st wins a personal, individual concert from the pop act. Two is better than one, right? Read one more time. The group efforts to get a private Ke$ha concert by ascertaining all the letters to Ke$ha under ice cream cartonfuls. And they carry out more afflict to get that concert.

Watch Victorious s02e03 Ice Cream for Kesha online stream video below. Start to watch the first video so you can wonder about Kesha and Tori.

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