The Killing now reaching to episode 5 with title as “Super 8.” Well, since this is my first post about the TV series, then allow me to give a little information to you. Crucial new attest comes to hand from one of Rosie’s instructors. With Belko’s assist, Stan gains his attempts in his look for Rosie’s killer. Elsewhere, an anti crime TV spot is Richmond’s latest attempt to boost his campaign. Yes, that’s the original synopsis for The Killing episode 5 “Super 8” while its overview said like this: AMC acquaints a law-breaking dramatic event based on a popular Danish series anticipated Forbrydelsen. The show follows 3 different subplots all associated to a single murder.

Another summary may stated like this for The Killing episode 5 “Super 8.” Rosie’s teacher allows for Sarah and Holder with a new piece of bear witness. Main cast are Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell, Michelle Forbes, Joel Kinnaman, Brent Sexton, Eric Ladin, Jamie Anne Allman, and Kristin Lehman. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a video preview for you. In the meantime, this episode should be aired soon on April 24, 2011 at 10:00pm night time to watch stream directly from AMC. To watch online, just hit a button below then the full-length video will be available not long a few hours after original air date.

As related information, last week titled as “A Soundless Echo,” and having synopsis like this: Sarah and Holder arrange pressure on Jasper about Rosie’s killing but it is her best acquaintance Sterling who brings out some secrets about Rosie’s personal life. Stan and Mitch must contrive Rosie’s funeral while Richmond looks for raise campaign cash in hand at a ritzy company.