Who are the Big Four of Supernatural? Of course you remember them are Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel. In the latest series, Supernatural s06e19 “Mommy Dearest,” they will be united and together to search for eve to small town in Oregon. Of course the reality is actually more scary because they discovered she had turned into evil and the whole city (Oregon) has been transformed into demons. By the way, this upcoming episode has been plotted to be aired soon on The CW Network TV channel, starting on April 29, 2011 at 9:00pm.

However, Supernatural s06e19 Mommy Dearest actually having the full and complete summary and spoilers like this here. Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel get over Eve to a small town in Oregon. The guys attain the townsfolk have been converted to demons, but amazingly, they all appear to be anxious. Once they at last do meet Eve, she determines to twisting the brothers by bringing around their mother, Mary Winchester, as a demon. One more time: The brothers chase after Eve to Oregon and bring out that she’s turned an whole township into demons and has took back Mary Winchester to agony Sam and Dean.

Oh yeah, don’t forget that Supernatural s06e19 Mommy Dearest has been directed by John Showalter and written by Adam Glass. Samantha Smith in the meantime will become the additional guest star. Watch a video preview clip below.

Anyway, watch Supernatural s06e19 Mommy Dearest online full episode video below.