The comes back of The Killing and it’s worth if we use our time to begin watch s01e06 with the title given as “What You Have Left.” After the last week episode which is so special, now we reaching the new level and episode so we can hope much about this brand-new episode. All the mystery and life full of danger we’ll see soon, exactly next week May 01, 2011 at 10pm on AMC TV channel. You need to know also if maybe later you’ll wonder, that this latest episode directed by Agnieszka Holland and the script was written perfectly by Nic Pizzolatto.

Alright, and now we must ascertain and find out more exactly what’s the real spoilers and synopsis offered through this brand new episode, The Killing s01e06 “What You Have Left.” Sarah and Holder step up their probe on a suspect’s family and friends. Gwen and Richmond take issue over strategy for the next disputation with the mayor. In the meantime, Rosie’s funeral comes about and Stan centers on his own probe into her death. One more time, yes it’s pleased. Sarah and Holder call into question a suspect’s family and neighbors.

Tension backings between Richmond and his campaign consultant, Gwen, as his team develops for an authoritative debate with the Mayor. Rosie’s funeral happens. Stan acquires issues into his own hands. Unexpectedly, I found a promo video below.

Watch The Killing s01e06 What You Have Left online full length video below.