Yeah, welcome back to Sunday and now we will watch together The Killing episode 9 which entitled as “Undertow.” Today quite fun to share information with you about this latest episode. And apparently, we have to wait until 2012 to be able to watch the sequel of this season 1. With a very positive response to almost all the episodes in season 1, season 2 will certainly be coming soon in 2012. And for now, a little thing you must do is read firstly the possible synopsis / spoilers here: Police attempts to attain an arrest hit a barricade while Richmond reconsiders his place in the race. In the meantime, Larsens bore of the police’s unfitness to apprehend a suspect and determine to take matters into their own hands.

Alright, here is once more time. Actually, I have three different summary for today. You are free to read it as many times as you want. The police are baffled in their efforts to arrest Bennet. Richmond believes long and hard about moving out himself from the Mayor’s race. Mitch and Stan have had it with the police force. And now, this is the third version: While attempting to arrest a suspect, the constabulary are blockaded and the Larsens are fed up with the law. Previously on Stonewalled, the viewers from US only approached around 1.98 millions. And we still await how the amount for this episode 9.

Watch The Killing Episode 9 Undertow Online full length video below and I am sorry as no video preview for now.