No doubt, Game of Thrones s01e08 “The Pointy End” will be much awaited by many fans a few days ahead. This episode promises a whole new storyline, and really fresh. If everything will go smoothly, then the schedule will appear immediately, starting on June 05, 2011 HBO channel at 9:00pm. The teaser story starts immediately when In the consequence of Ned’s becharm, Syrio and Arya showdown versus Lannister guards, while Cersei controls Sansa to her own ends. Robb rallies his father’s northerly friends versus Tywin Lannister and heads south to warfare. And below is the thing about a more detailed synopsis. Keep reading because of the this opportunity, we want to give you very useful information.

Tyrion forms an anxious coalition with the hill tribes and reunifies with his father. Jon assails at Ser Alliser Thorne and combats a mysterious attacker from beyond the Wall. Dany is coerced to accommodate her desire to appropriate Westeros with Drogo’s savagery after the Dothraki raid a peaceful village.Yes, now let’s make a little guessing, whether this episode will be very interesting to watch? What about your favorite characters in this latest episode? Yes, besides that, you can still watch the firstly of a preview or promo video below. Thank you very much to someone who has uploaded this video through Youtube.

Watch Game of Thrones s01e08 The Pointy End Online full video below. Enjoy watching and have a great day!