I think you’re waiting for the latest news to watch Teen Wolf s01e01. Yes, you’ve come to the right place because we were together with you have set up some important information, one of which is a synopsis. Recently, MTV has released an official date that is on June 05, 2011. Guys and girls, Teen Wolf will feature the main star as Tyler Posey. He is the main actress who played an important role in this TV show. Yes, it will be aired only hours away from now. Let’s check out some information below.

The series is based around a young lacrosse-playing foreigner named Scott McCall. One nighttime he betrays around the forest in hunting of a dead body and is aggressed by a lycanthrope. He runs away the attack with only a bite to his side, but afterward begins to acknowledge some alterations in himself. Yes, you’ve just been getting synopsis, and I do not know whether the information is already contain spoilers or not. So far, how your view about the main storyline? And now, the written information has been successfully established, then, is there any other information? Alas, no video preview today.

Watch Teen Wolf s01e01 Wolf Moon Online (Premiere) through the button below and you will be happy with this new show series on MTV. Anyway, this is the Pilot episode, you have to watch it tonight.