There is good news for you fans of The Killing, AMC is preparing to broadcast The Killing s01e11 Missing on June 05 2011 at 10pm night. I urge you to get closer to the TV and get ready to watch the episode on this one, because according to information that has been circulating, the episode is predicted to be very special and very interesting. Something like what the main storyline? Easy for a solution, the first step you have to do is read the synopsis below. Major show star is still Sarah Linden.

Sarah and Holder attain more on Rosie, but the probe gets conked once they have to begin on an explore for Jack. Yes, I think it is fairly complete synopsis of the information, and may already contain spoilers in it. Yes, of course, would feel better if you could have the first opportunity to watch a video preview or trailer of The Killing s01e11 Missing. But unfortunately, there’s no one published it on Youtube.

Watch The Killing s01e11 Missing Online full length video below. I guess this episode will be very great in season 1. Yes, it could become the highest most viewed episode in season 1 in general.