There is a very promising news for you fans of iCarly. Nickelodeon channel has confirmed that they are ready to show iCarly s04e11 iParty with Victorious which set on Friday June 10th, 2011 at 8:00pm nighttime. Your boredom will be lost I think when you watch this latest episode. Yes, of course, this episode’s storyline promises all the best for you the fans, the crew has produced it with a truly new and fresh plot. Okay, a little more information that iCarly is a favored TV show by millions of people from all over the world, and its main cast / star is Miranda Cosgrove. Read the following synopsis:

Carly is agitated once she starts out a kinship with a guy named Steven Carson. Sam goes cyberspace to and sees a picture of Steven with a adolescent girl, Tori Vega conjointly. Sam attempts to inform Carly that Steven is betraying her but denies to conceive her unless she’s cogent evidence. The group overpasses to City of the Angels to ascertain if Steven is really betraying Carly. After ascertaining, Carly and Tori determines to contrive their revenge at Steven so that he would never do this to any other girl once again at Kenan Thompson’s party. Wow, let’s watch a sneak peek video below.

Watch the full episode video of iCarly s04e11 iParty with Victorious online streaming below. Yes, anyway, this is the great party right moment with Miranda Cosgrove and gang! Enjoy your day!