There’s a very good news for you lovers of South Park. Comedy Central channel has official that they’re ready to show South Park s15e07 You’re Getting Old set on Wednesday June 08th, 2011 at 10:00pm nighttime. Your boredom will be lost I feel once you watch this latest episode. Yes, naturally, this episode’s plot line anticipates all the best for you the fans, the crew has made it with a really new and fresh plot. Okay, a little more information that South Park is a favorite television show many people from all over the world, and its main star is Trey Parker. Read the following synopsis:

After Stan fetes his tenth birthday, he gets down to assure everything differently. The other boys believe he has become a major buzzkill and get-go to avoid hanging out with him. Once Stan and Kyle have a major blow up, the very fabric of South Park leads off to ravel out. How did your 1st opinion after reading the synopsis? Yes, I believe this is a fairly comprehensive synopsis, and I don’t know well, that may have contained spoilers. But I applogize since no video preview found on Youtube.

To get or watch the full episode video of South Park s15e07 You’re Getting Old online streaming, you just need to follow through button below. This is the weekday and hope you will be full entertained with this brand-new South Park episode.