Watch iCarly Season 5 Episode 2 – iDate Sam and Freddie Online. Do you still remember once last week season 5 episode 1 aired? Three days after the events of “iOMG” Carly tries to find out where Sam is who she hasn’t seen since the kiss between her and Freddie. Freddie arrives who locates Sam being at a mental hospital by tracking down her Pear Phone. There, Sam reveals that she checked herself into the mental hospital unable to cope with her feelings towards Freddie. After a talk with Freddie, she is ready to leave but isn’t able to since she needs a parent to sign out.

However, Sam’s mother is away getting surgery. To get her out, Carly and Freddie decide to have Spencer dress up as Sam’s mother but his cover is quickly blown as he signs Sam out by an old friend of his from law school who doesn’t understand the situation. Unable to get Sam out in time to do “iCarly”, the gang decides to do the show live from the mental hospital where Carly and Sam questions their fans on whether or not Sam is crazy for kissing Freddie. Freddie then tells how he feels and passionately kisses Sam.

Next: 5×02 — iDate Sam and Freddie (Sep/10/2011) possible information including the summary is here! Carly settles a disagreement between Sam and Freddie, and soon they rely on her to play peacemaker. Sam and Freddie start dating and Carly plays peacemaker.

Note: This episode continues the story from “iLost My Mind”. Nickelodeon marks this episode as the premiere episode due to production code.

Watch iCarly Season 5 Episode 2 – iDate Sam and Freddie Online below. Enjoy watching and have a great day!