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Hey everybody, feel free to read this page till end. Now, when I often update this blog day by day with hard work, I believe, this blog will growing faster in many aspects, such as: Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Link Popularity, Google Index Page, and many more. Although I know those are not one of most important criteria, because otherwise there are another aspect that you should consider, like daily unique visitors, technorati rank, search engine result pages, and many others. But, I still believe those all can represent all that people can consider to purchase their money on a website / blog.

Here are the stats when I’m writing this page January 16 2009, and I believe, it will growing day by day so it’s not the permanent stats. 🙂
Alexa Rank: 936,596
Google Pagerank: 2
Daily Unique Visitors: 200-500

Here are the price that I’m offering to you all:

Review: $20 / post —> You can purchase the review about whatever you want, like: your blog / website, promoting a product, marketing a product, and more.

Link on Blogroll: —> Please select the best choice for you:
Link / month is $5
Link / 3 months is $12
Link / 6 months is $20
Permanent link is $35

Free Space is coming soon:)

Feel free to contact me directly if you’re interested.
YM: pateng_rico

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